Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tomorrow Movie Night

The documentary "Transforming Energy" will be playing tomorrow night (12/5) at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville (7405 Arlington Expressway, 32211). There will be a meet and greet at 7pm followed by the movie at 7:30pm in the Social Hall.

The movie is about alternative energy as a solution to global warming and the end of cheap oil. More information can be found here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Tuesday 11/18: St. Johns RiverKeeper benefit beer tapping event at Seven Bridges Grille and Brewery tonight from 5-10pm! (9735 Gate Parkway)

Wednesday 11/19: UNF will showcase "Garbage on the Green" in its second trash and recycling audit from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 19. Activities are open to the public and will feature environmental exhibits from recycling to stewardship. Campus organizations or departments also have an opportunity to team up to collect litter on campus earlier that morning.

Thursday 11/20:
-B/PAC Meeting @ 5pm at the NE FL TPO office,
1022 Prudential Drive, 32207

-Native Sun Natural Foods Market 6th annual Fall Open House
from 6 - 8 p.m, Baymeadows location (11030 Baymeadows Road).
"For the first time ever, guests will be able to shop during the event and enjoy huge savings this night only including discounts on featured products, gift cerificates and more. Sample tons of organic and all-natural holiday favorites, enjoy kids activities and live entertainment, pick up new recipe ideas and meet the Native Sun staff. Store will be closed from 5 - 6pm for set up. Free to attend. 260-2791."


Since Joey over at UrbanJax spilled the beans today about the garden and the possiblity of a market, I've been bombarded with emails asking me if this is true. I was going to wait and announce the news when it was all set in stone, but everyone seems to be extremely thrilled. So, here's the truth:

Downtown is going to have our own GREEN farmer's market in collaboration with the Downtown-Springfield Community Garden (try not to pee your pants in excitement!) I have talked to Christy, owner of the Pearl nightclub, and the location will be in the parking lot between the garden and the Pearl on Sunday mornings. I have a ton of people interested in participating, so I don't think we will be short on vendors. The farmers involved will only have
organic and/or local produce, dairy, baked goods, etc. There is also a number of eco-friendly business owners who have products made from natural ingredients and recycled materials. I'll post a list of all the participants before it starts. The date isn't confirmed, but I'm crossing my fingers to have the first one in a couple of weeks following a possible ??benefit show?? and my birthday :)

If you're in a band and want to participate in the show, or want to be a vendor at the market, get in touch with me!

Right now we are trying to become a non-profit through SEE, and I've gotten a lot of helpful info from Gretchen Ferrell, who runs the BLFN. If you ever have time on Saturday, you should check out the market and gardens at the beach from 2-5pm.
What she has done there is incredible, and I'm really hoping downtown will love this as much as the beaches community does at Jarboe Park.

Also, don't forget about the B/PAC meeting this Thursday @ 5pm. It's right down the street from my house in San Marco, so if anyone wants to ride bikes over there with me, holla!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


For those of you who are looking to voice their opinions and help facilitate changes for cyclists and pedestrians here in Jacksonville, you should attend the next B/PAC meeting on November 20th at 5pm. The details of where it will be held have not been posted, but I'm assuming It will be in the same location as the last meeting at the TPO office: 1022 Prudential Drive, 32207. Mark your calendars because these meetings are far and few between!

First Coast MPO--->Northeast FL TPO. They recently changed the name so more people would recognize who, what, and where they are.


Well, sort of. Someone has to do it, and why not start here in Jacksonville? I've taken the initiative to publish such a website to keep the Jacksonville community informed about the "green" movement here in town. Various upcoming events, local amendments/policies, technologies, news, sustainable means of transportation and whatever else I feel deserves the spotlight will be discussed. As co-coordinator of the Downtown-Springfield Community Garden, a Political Science/Environmental Studies major at UNF, and the only "treehugger" at my place of business, I'm going to try to do my part to help save this planet from getting flushed down the toilet. It won't be the most sophisticated, updated, or politically correct website out there, but Captain Planet didn't care about those things, so why should I?